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Séverine and Emma share their advice and tips about welcoming your baby, sharing family moments as well as their personalised baby gift ideas to help you keep your children's beautiful memories for a lifetime.

This is also the place to find unique, unusual and useful gift ideas either for your birth list or personalised baby gifts for given significant moments like birth, christening or first birthdays.

Le Petit Pousse is the story of a friendship between two mothers from Lyon, France, who had in mind to create personalised baby gifts that would last for a lifetime. At the birth of her first child, Séverine starts looking for a nice trunk to gather and keep her son's precious memories.

Two years later, when her daughter was born, she was convinced that parents keep a lot of little souvenirs and sets off again in search for this wonderful large memory box, yet still in vain. Séverine then decides to create her own trunks to hold all these precious little things. As her children grow up, they marvel as they rediscover the contents of their trunks and regularly add new treasures to them.

At the age of 3, her daughter gave her name to the trunk: she called it her "bébéothèque”. The concept was born.

And it was the following year, when Séverine met Emmanuelle - also a mother and pregnant at the time - that the magic happened: Emmanuelle immediately fell in love with the concept and they instantly decided to join forces to create Le Petit Pousse.

The adventure begins for the two mothers who since that day put all their creativity at work to help parents make their children's memories treasures and offer a range of personalised baby gifts that remain useful and meaningful through the years.

Since its creation in 2017, Le Petit Pousse family counts 2 mums, 2 dads (who support them every day) and 5 "sweethearts" who grow up too fast and fill each their bébéothèque !

Here are their story, their advice, their favourite topics and tips to help you create beautiful family moments and preserve your most beautiful memories.

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