Are you the godfather, godmother or the happy grandparents of a little girl or a little boy who will soon be baptized? You are undoubtedly looking for a baptism gift idea that meets the following conditions:

- A gift that has meaning like this event which is at the same time a symbol, a tradition and a family event.

- A lasting baptismal gift. You want to give baby something useful, which he will be able to use for a long time and which he can also enjoy when he is older.

- A customizable and personalized gift. This baby is unique, his story is unlike any other, so he needs gifts just for him!

- A gift that strengthens and makes the bond that unites you to baby indestructible. Finding THE rare gift that strengthens and seals this bond, isn't that what you would like above all as a godfather, godmother or grandparents?

If all of the above things resonate with you, then you will find what you are looking for here!

Le Petit Pousse has created a range of beautiful, useful, clever, durable and customizable products to preserve all the memories of childhood and create unique moments of sharing with the family. Emotion guaranteed!