These values that are so important to us

- Create for all families: those who have adopted, those who have two dads, two moms, a dad, a mom, a single-dad, a single-mom etc.

- The pleasure of growing-up together, of sharing and of transmitting: to help you build a unique treasure for your child and to write with you the story of Le Petit Pousse

- Give meaning to things: each of our products is the result of our passions and experiences as moms ; we have designed our collections to accommodate and protect over time all these objects that matter to you.

Every day we work in order that all children can get the chance to have their own trunk with their precious memories inside, filled with love and kindness by those around them.

We think of the children with whom life has not always been kind and for whom our commitment will be very special.


Because every child has a unique story,

preserving his memories is an act of love and the promise of magical moments throughout his life.