Are you looking for a gift idea for a pregnant woman?

Difficult to find a gift that will surely please the mother-to-be.

The choice in store or on the internet is very wide (jewelry, massages, clothes ...) but it is easy to make a mistake because the status of "pregnant woman" is not always easy to identify with the extra pounds and this body. changing, fluctuating moods, accumulating fatigue and overflowing emotions! You really don't want to go wrong.

And what you would like above all is to offer a gift that is a true symbol of this future event, full of tenderness and emotion. A gift that is for the mother but also the future baby and which lasts over time. If we have correctly identified your need then you are in the right place, your gift idea is right here!

gift for pregnant woman: the baby library

The baby library: A meaningful gift for pregnant women

You may not yet know what a baby library is. This is a magnificent souvenir trunk ready to receive all the precious objects that the mother-to-be will never be able to part with: ultrasound, pregnant woman's favorite outfit, first clothes, mother's day, first drawing and a note. love...

The baby library exists in several different designs and in 2 sizes (trunk and cube), it is delivered with one or more cotton pouches depending on the model and for the large trunk, there are also 2 matching nesting boxes. The mother-to-be will also find a booklet with lots of ideas for memories to keep from pregnancy until adolescence!

All parents keep memories of their children, but do they keep them for themselves or to give them one day to their child?

In all cases, offering the baby library is both:

- A transmission symbol. The mother will give life and transmit values, objects and memories to grow and guide her child.

- A guaranteed emotion: who doesn't like to find their childhood memories? reopening the treasure chest regularly with your child will undoubtedly be a moment of sharing and happiness.

- A gift that will last a lifetime and grow richer over the years. The mom will start to fill the trunk with the memories of pregnancy but this will continue for years to come! (obviously that also requires sorting because we can't keep everything, it's the dad who will be happy!)

If you want to offer the baby library alone or with others (for example on the occasion of a baby shower), you can opt for one of these options:

- Give the cube so that she can keep her memories of pregnant woman and mother

- Offer a baby library (trunk) which will contain all the baby's memories.

- Give the cube baby library for the mother-to-be and keep the idea of ​​giving the big one to baby later. They can even have the same pattern for the symbol. Mom will keep her memories in hers and lovingly prepare baby's.

- And if you have a super budget, offer the keychain: the baby library with all the accessories to store baby memories: baby diary, photo album, memory locker. we detail the accessories below.

gift for pregnant woman to keep memories

Small gift but great emotion for pregnant woman

If the bébéothèque is a favorite but you are looking for a gift on a lower budget, you will also find accessories in the Petit Pousse boutique, in the same spirit, to preserve the memories of this magical moment. From 14 to 89 €, they can be a "red thread" gift: give one for every occasion to make a beautiful collection!

All these accessories go perfectly with the baby library of course!

- The baby diary: A logbook provided so that the mother can write down her memories of a pregnant woman and follow up on all the progress, silliness and first times of baby. A wealth of secrets that are important to write down so you never forget them

- Photo album or memory locker. Both designed to adapt to each family, to each story thanks to a clever system of stickers, they will tell the story of pregnancy and baby's first months.

- And many other gift ideas for pregnant women, young mothers or babies, to find on the site!